Admission guide

​1. Course:


2. Tuition fee(JPY):


3.Application Eligibility:

(1) A person who has completed (expected) school education for 12 years or more.
(2) Those who have completed secondary education with university qualifications
      A person who meets both (1) and (2) above and is over 18 years old.

4.Tuition fee return policy:


(1) Once the application fee, entrance fee and equipment usage fee, no refund for any reason.
(2) If the student visa is refused and you are unable to enroll, the teaching fee can be refunded.
     But must produce a copy of the passport on that page.
(3) Before admission, if the occurrence of the reasons can not be admitted to the day before the opening ceremony,
     Written in writing can not be admitted to the reasons for the book, the paid tuition fees can be refunded.

5.Admission procedures

(1) Request information for admission.
(2) Submit the application form and other relevant information within the time limit.
(3) The registration fee is 20 000 yen to be transferred to our designated account.
(4) This application is submitted to the Immigration Bureau for the application for status of residence.
(5) After the certificate of accreditation is granted, the applicant will pay the tuition fees and other expenses into the

     designated account of the school.
(6) After confirming the payment, the school will send the admission permit and the status of residence certificate to           the applicant.
(7) After receiving the admission permit and residence permit, the applicant will apply for a visa to the Japanese                 embassy at the jurisdiction,Check out the school before the date specified by the school.

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