School Purpose and philosophy


Establishment :  April, 2018

The fixed number :  100 people

Class number :  5 group

Each group number:  20 people

Class time :  Am class  9:00~12:30
                     Pm class  13:10~16:40

Recruitment term :  April, October semester

Address :   4-4-4, Ojidai, Sakura Shi,                                   Chiba, 285-0837, Japan

Traffica routes: 8 minutes on foot from 

                          Keisei Sakai Station

To nature rich castle town Sakura


 Sakura City is 60 minutes from Tokyo and 30 minutes from Narita.Transportation is very convenient as it is an area where the East Kanto Expressway passes.

 Around Inbanuma, there are many natural rich facilities such Inbanuma Sunset Hills Auto Campsite, Sakura Furusato Plaza and Wild Bird Forest, etc.


 In the castle town area, there are many historical sites such as Sakura Joshi Park, Old Hotta House, and the Sakura Samurai Residence, and many cultural assets.

 There are flower viewing spots throughout the four seasons, including cherry blossoms from Sakurajo Suguru Park, roses from Sakura Sugae Hill Rose Garden, sunflowers from Sakura Furusato Square, and plums from Usui Joshi Park, etc.

 There are many special products such as sunflower groundnut confectionery, shiitake mushrooms from Sakura Mushroom Garden, delicious sake from Asahitsuru, and Yamani miso.

 We are proud of Sakura and we are aiming to create a proud Japanese school in Sakura.All operators will make every effort to become a Japanese language school loved by citizens of Sakura.At the same time as benefiting from Sakura, we will create Japanese language schools that can contribute to Sakura.


   Old Hotta House   


   sunflowers from Sakura Furusato Square   




   Sakura Samurai Residence